BEAUTY EDIT: Simplicity and Exuviance Skincare

Exuviance .jpg

Skincare has always been a pretty important part of my life. I can remember being in middle school and realizing that washing my face was important. Or even further back when I first started dealing with terrors of eczema at the tender age of 8, understanding that in order to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy I would need to put in some work. Or more specifically put ON the things that WORKED for my skin needs.

My night routine has really filled out in these last few months with three products that have proven to reveal the best facial skin I've had in over a year! I'd seen tons of videos on the importance of a night skin routine and now I get it. Night is when all the magic happens.

After cleansing my face with the cleanser that best fits my needs at the time ( I'll be sure to share my top 3 in a post soon! ) I immediately treat my skin to the Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules. These beautiful bronze capsules are opened to reveal a smooth anti-aging formula that melts into the skin. I spread this generously about my face and neck , letting sit for about 30 seconds to seep in.

I then top it off with my Simplicity Skincare is an All-In-One, high-end, Anti Aging Skincare Solution. And while that name seems like a lot, let me just say it does everything for your skin! This Dual Pump system delivers your moisturizer AND Hyaluronic Serum all in one. Seriously, a miracle in a bottle.

I've noticed a visible improvement in the plumpness and evenness of my skin within just a few weeks of use. And that's just with the night routine.

In the morning, after rinsing my face lightly with cold water, I moisturize with the  Exuviance Glycolic Expert Moisturizer. If you guys do not have an SPF moisturizer in your daily routine, it's a must! While some SPF moisturizers leave a terrible white cast on darker skintones, this one melts right into the skin effortlessly. 

If you're like me and struggle with hyper-pigmentation and oily skin, You should give this trio a try. I always bring you guys honest reviews of products that work for me so you guys can stunt with glowing skin too!

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you're night routine is looking like these days :)