The Best Red Lip


There are few things I am loving more lately than a stunning red lip. It may be because of the holiday season, or it may be me tapping into my inner sassy lady. Red lips are a classic beauty statement, especially during the holidays. Worn by our world's legendary figures of beauty and reimagined by the current generation's visions of splendor.

It is truly an art, mastering the red lip. But like with any masterpiece, the tools you use to create it matter. The creaminess and richness of pigment in your lipstick of choice are of top priority. Creaminess to ensure seamless application, pigment for vibrancy on the lips. 

The Clarin's Joli Rouge lipstick is my weapon of choice for sultry rep lips. The formula for this lipstick is smooth and easy to apply.  I LOVE the  warm undertones of this red and create the most vibrant color by layering the lipstick to my liking.  

Clarins Lipstick Lipgloss Rouge Jolie Rouge Makeup

For extra shine, because yes more is more in this case, I heightened this lip look with the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. It is pure magic!

I love using this as just a lip gloss in the color Honey Glam because it has the amazing gold flecks in this formula that is stunning. I find myself whipping this out more often on cooler days because of how dry my lips can become as a stand alone lipgloss. It's a double win that it works as an amazing amplifier to the moisture-rich Jolie Rouge

Fun fact: you can make almost any color work with the help of a brown lip liner.I like to deepen the intensity of my life colors by lining my life in a deep brown shade. It helps to blend things out in such a natural way, a must for darker skin tones. 

Red lips signal strength, confidence and classic beauty. As we enter the end of the holiday season and embark on a new year, what better way to make a bold statement to the world?