Hydrated Summer Skin with June Jacobs

June Jacobs Lotion Lipstick Chapstick Spray

My skin journey has definitely been interesting. I was diagnosed with Eczema at a young age and have battled back and forth between products for years. Needless to say, I can't use everything on my skin and I try to go with things that are natural as often as possible. 

When I came across the June Jacobs line of products and was immediately impressed with the ingredients list. Goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts all sounded like things that would work well for my skin. This particular line of hydrating essentials is really amazing.

The lip is becoming a staple for me. In my rush to work in the morning, I slap it on and then top it with whatever colored gloss I have in my purse ( more often than not that the NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu )

For my more dry areas, AKA ashy knees and dry feet, the  Rapid Repair Healing Cream is perfect. It is thick and rich without being heavy. And as my skin is becoming more mature, it hydrates all day which is super important.

Fun fact: My skin is EXTRA sensitive on my face. And in the summer, my body heating up can lead to flares of my Eczema.  I LOVE the Neroli Hydrating Mist for this. It's super refreshing and provides awesome hydration on the go. It also is a great prep spray for your makeup, thank me later.

As my skin is becoming more mature I am really learning to invest in the right products for the youthful skin results I want. This line of hydration essentionals is well worth it!