BEAUTY EDIT : Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops

Marc Jacobs Highlighter

I've recently been dabbling into the world of highlighters. I have a staple compact highlighter that I was used to wearing in most of my looks but have been curious about the benefits of liquid highlighters.

Marc Jacobs has recently released their Coconut Dew Drops highlighter and I just had to get my hands on it.  

When I first opened the product, I was a fool and opened from the cap.( Womp! ) but it's actually a pump. I tried the highlighter in a quick swatch and immediately loved the consistency, scent, and pigmentation of it.

So, how exactly to you apply this product? After my initial shock and the quality, I realized I didn't know how to exactly use it. For dark skin tones, highlighters can be tricky, especially in this bright of a tone. I tried placing the hint of the drop on the cheekbones of a finished makeup look with a damp beauty blender and that was a fail. 

With a bit of trial and error I found that it works best for me in 3 ways:

  1.  Mixing with light weight moisturizer in a small amount as a base before my foundation. This gives a subtle glow throughout the day 
  2.  Applying into the corners of the eye and on the eye as part of a natural and simple makeup routine
  3. Dabbing lightly and in small amounts to cheekbones, top lip and other places to highlight using a fan brush or light, fluffy brush

The Dew Drops are super concentrated! So Pro Tip, go small first! Build up to your desired glam glow from there.