BEAUTY EDIT: #Lipstories Lipsticks by Sephora

Sephora Lipstick Matte Satin Metallic Lipstories

For the love of lips and by way of my budget-friendly attitude I went to purchase a few lippies from  the new-ish Sephora #Lipstories collection. I am becoming more of a fan of lipsticks as I become seasoned in my beauty journey.  In my makeup infancy I really thought that lipstick was for the older ladies. The ones who had not been exposed to the magic of Smuckers lip gloss and tinted lipgloss, we're talking circa 2001 for reference. But while we now have a plethora of lipstick formulas to meet every person's needs ( lip paint, gloss, tint, etc. ), the classic lipstick form is classic for a reason. It's sleek, it's easy to apply, it's fits in your purse - I mean, all your bases are covered. 

Sephora Lipstick Matte Satin Metallic Lipstories

What I love about these Lipsticks is number one the price, they retail for $8 which gives you room to experience as many of the different shades and finishes as you'd like without worrying about having spent all your cash one you may not be in love with or wear enough to justify the price. But with that being said, the color range is great. A full range of colors to fit any mood and finishes to fit any occasion. I personally lean more towards matte and satin finishes on my everyday wearables, so I picked up three Lipsticks to fit that vibe. 

After Hours is faded brick tone in a super-soft matte finish. I have to say I was expecting more of a traditional dry matte that you see with liquid lipsticks ( which I prefer ) but can see how this formula works better for full day wear, and requires less commitment on the wearers end. I always line my lips with a muted brown before wearing colors like these because it really brings any lip look together.

Matinee is a satin finish muted pink that lean more to the warm side of the color spectrum. The stain finish makes this color a bit sheer, so applying two to three layers for ultimate color payoff is required.

Yum Yum also in a satin finish is a warm brown with light pink undertones. Perfect for a nude look in brown skin and my favorite out of the bunch.

Lipstick is making a comeback guys. And for those of us who are still discovering the potential of color on our lips, this collection is a great place to start. Even in the cases where you are a lipstick aficianado, the quality of these lippies does not disappoint. So truly, a win-win across the board. Lipstick for lipstick's sake.

What your favorite color out of the bunch? And have you tried this new collection? Let me know!

Sephora Lipstick Matte Satin Metallic Lipstories