Fresh Bronzed Skin For Summer

Mascara Highlighter Cosmetics Foundation Fenty KKW Curly Hair

In the warmer months, I wholeheartedly believe foundation should be optional. Between the gorgeous sunshine and weather, we're going to experiencing, we should all be living our best selves and letting our skin breathe a bit. In the same vain I would also say that no skin is "perfect" so there are probably some areas of concern that you don't want out there for the world to see, and I get that too. 

The beautiful thing about the entire idea of beauty is that it's personal and you get to decide what your standard of beauty is every single day. So whether you choose to let your skin shine on its own or not there are a few things you can do to enhance your look. 

One of those things is highlighter. Highlighter is a gift from God, and I'll take you out a million dollar loan based on that very fact. It's angel dust for your cheeks ma'am, so where can you go wrong. That's right, nowhere. The only place you could possibly misstep is how much you spend on it. Because it is so grand, there are people out there who will tell you that nothing less than designer will do for that coveted glow. I'm here to tell you that's false. There are tons of budget-friendly brands that will usher you into Spring as shimmer queen for like, $10. 

One of my favorites for all over glow is the CYO Cosmetics Bronzing Oil. It's a super smooth formula that reminds you of baby oil and includes a deep gold shimmer that works on so many skin tones. It's also moisturizing, so you'll be out here glowing and soft to the touch. Thank me later. 

CYO also has these shimmer sticks that I use to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and cheekbones for added sass, because why not?!

The key here though, for any skin enhancer like highlighter or body shimmers is to have a solid smooth base to work with. Again, we're enhancing what's already there, not covering anything up.  So what am I saying? Well, your skincare routine must be together. More on that in another post, but just remember this: M.E.M.P.  - Mask it, Exfoliate it, Moisturize it, Protect it. 

Once you've got that, your Sexy Skin is ready. So let it work!

Mascara Highlighter Cosmetics Foundation Fenty KKW Curly Hair

The Line Up

#CYOCosmetics 'Take a Trip' The Thick of It Mascara

#CYOCosmetics 'Crush' Metallic Eye Shadow (body and highlight)

                               #CYOCosmetics 'Small Minds' Metallic Eye Stick                                   

#CYOCosmetics Gift of Gold' Bronzing Shimmer Oil ( body )

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Mascara Highlighter Cosmetics Foundation Fenty KKW