Rose-Tinted Lenses


My very first blog was called "Rose-Tinted Lenses". I'm sure if you dig deep enough into the under-belly of the internet you could find it out there. That blog was nothing more that raw poetry and prose produced from the heart of a 19-year old me. Authentically me.

In retrospect, some of my earliest best work has lived and died on that random blog somewhere on the internet.

It wasn't until I became older and I wanted to start expressing myself again that I started Finding Lex. What was originally conceived as a place to share insights of a 20-something year old go-getter trying to find purpose, it soon became a Hodge-Podge of life interests squeezed into an idea of what "blogger" was supposed to look like in 2015.

Fashion forward. Witty. Inspiring. All together, lovely.

Problem is, my creativity and essence can't fit into those parameters.


I live life day-to-day digging, searching, finding - Lex.

That comes with more than style highlights and fake-deep Instagram posts.  I am a Black American female working through the intricacies of society, self-love, professional development, spiritual growth and so many more other things that add to this cocktail of me.

I just can't see my platform being any less than that. To me, anything less would be inauthentic. And there is enough of that in the world already.

In reality, I consider myself to bit fashion forward, witty, inspiring and all together, lovely. But I am  also much, much more. 

There is power in being exactly who you were called to be. There is strength in your words, no matter how unconventional. There is influence in your being. You just have to live it.