Mature AF // 27

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On my birthday my cousin lovingly asked me how it felt to be 27. I responded “ Mature AF”.

The accuracy of that statement. 

There was no life revelation once the clock struck 12 on January the 15th. But then again there never has been in the past either. But my birthday really did make me feel like a full blown adult, in the best ways and worst ways.

I guess at this point every coming birthday will be similar. Getting older is not as bad as they make it seem. The world will tell you that anything past 21 is a death sentence for a woman and I even told my mom that if anyone asked I’m “ 25 til’ I die” based on that very same assumption.

But I’m ok with getting older. It’s not like I can avoid it anyway.


I think the most challenging part of getting older for someone like myself is feeling like my beauty is somehow shifting. Not to say I don’t feel beautiful, because I do. But it’s more of an inner confidence that radiates beauty than a King Magazine cover type situation. 

I’m also ok with that notion. The notion of womanly beauty graced by years of know-how.

Anyway, I think life has served me a pretty good hand of cards and I am making the best of it. I sometimes reflect on where I thought I’d “be” at this age. All in all I’m not too far from what I expected. 

The only real difference is the lack of a husband and child, but lord knows I’m happy that didn’t pan out. I ain’t got nowhere for this alleged baby to lay it’s head in my home ( I refuse to give up my office/creator space) and I’m content vibin’ until future bae stumbles upon all this greatness. All that sounds selfish, but I can be selfish.

In fact, year of 27 is going to be as selfish as it gets. 

Want a manicure? Get it. Want to be alone and focus on your craft for a few days? Do it. 27 is a good place where you can really stretch your legs, be you and get stuff done. I’m hitting my stride and I feel that great things are in store.


These last few years have been transitionary years in which I really, really, really. . . learned who I was. I wrestled with my flaws and many times saw my broken spaces lead to breaking other things. I revealed my heart in the most powerful of ways to create things I now love. 

So much passed and even more things came to be. But today I am content on running into tomorrow with who I see in the mirror. The woman I’ve grown to adore. 

I’m comfortable with Alexis now. I couldn’t have said that 3 years ago.