The Problem With Happy.


We too often tell ourselves that smiling is the only way to show you are happy - that anything less than that requires an onslaught of teary wine sessions and attendance to self-love seminars (or maybe that just applies to girl world).

 Because, my god, you existing and not being happy means you’re “unhappy” right? And we simply cannot have “unhappy”.

Writing these prose about life has opened up doors for others to perceive things within me based on my words. 

And I have feels. I have thoughts. I have revelations. - I write these things down. 

How this became a calling card for inner turmoil was beyond me until I really thought about it. In a world where perfect is the standard - where even those who are transparent calculate their transparency to benefit their brand and business goals - very few people want to call it what it is. 

Frankly because they belief is that people don’t subscribe to things that don’t end with “be blessed and conquer”.

But what does that teach? 

We are doing our society a disservice by assuming people exist in happy and unhappy categories all our lives. It teaches that anything other than that is not the norm, unhealthy, and undesirable. 

 Those things between happy and unhappy? They have names and it’s okay to embrace them.

Indignation, Wonder, Discovery, Envy, Hope. Those are feelings too.

We do a poor job of recognizing these in-between of emotions. Because they’re complicated and don’t leave the scent of Bath & Body Japanese Cherry Blossom when they leave the room.

But that, the in-between, is where the good stuff happens, where the growth happens. That’s where we really, truly exist.

Don’t rush our in-between. It’s going to make you amazing.