#OOTD : What Does It Feel Like?

When I was young I had this obscure view of what love looked like.

It looked a lot like long flowing hair blowing in the wind while holding hands with an Adonis who, naturally, is looking into my eye and complimenting my beauty at every moment.  We laugh outloud at each other's jokes, he caresses my face as we lounge on park benches perfectly intertwined.

That’s what I thought loved looked like. Not what love felt like, what it was supposed to mean and how it could shape my life. 

The love that I have discovered and grown into is just as beautiful as the fantasy instilled in me by Disney movies and sappy 90’s teen movies.

In fact, it is more beautiful. It is beautifully challenging, rewarding and has brought me to a place of acceptance of self that I could have never imagined.

Love is intricate. Messy. It’s easy to get lost in, easier to lose.



To have experienced love in all its complexity is a gift. So many breathe daily, existing in the shallows of themselves. Within parameters of expectation and social showcases that ignore life’s greatest joys in love. 

Love feels like soft, calm rushes of elation. A tensioned release, muscles relaxing. It exhales into vulnerability. It feels like knowing. It feels like peace.

It looks nothing like hands clenched swinging in the wind but when it’s real - it feels like forever. 

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