Owning Your Fancy.


fan·cy -ˈfansē/


  1. 1.

    elaborate in structure or decoration.

For the longest time I thought I was "too much". Too much sass, too much smarts, too much ambition - just too much. 

Where others saw a roadblock, I saw opportunity. When some would give up under the weight of what they saw, I carried on for what I know could be. I dreamt big.

I was fancy. 


See sometimes our God-given purpose requires us to be "too much". We need those traits of ambition and determination to walk through the doors we know only God could open. We need our fancy to help us push through the doubt and fear of thinking big and dreaming bigger.

Own your fancy. Your fancy is going to help you journey down the path laid out for your life with passion and courage.

And when the world tells you to give up and walk away - and believe me it will - don't.

Someone out there needs you to make it. There is someone who is waiting to be impacted by your testimony. 

Continue to be sassy. Don't stop being ambitious. Be fancy.

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