Moody Reflection.

I've made it my mission to sit next to a huge window while working. And you know why? Because I'm convinced that not seeing the sun for days is detrimental to the soul.

Here in Florida, for the past three weeks, we have been experiencing some of the most gloomy weather. And at first, I wasn't too bothered by it. But on day 5 of the 3-week life-sucking rain saga I began to notice a shift in my being.     

I'd become moody, easily agitated and sad.  Days seemed longer and the only thing I wanted to do was lay down, on the couch and binge-watch OITNB. Sounds like a dream but in reality, I was struggling.

I can remember as a child people always saying " go out and get some fresh air". For whatever was ailing you fresh air was the remedy. I didn't get it then, but I get it now. It's not about physically being outside, it's about moving and taking in the positive vibes the sunlight provides. And in the case of our current rain saga, if there isn't any sun out, looking out into the lives and movement of the outside world is worth its weight in mental health gold.

I even took it a step further and found myself attending an evening event - The Dapper Hour.  And while I don't recommend fighting against the weather to galavant the streets of downtown, I do recommend socializing during the gloomy season. People are electrifying! And good conversation can help take your mind off almost anything. 

So while it's still gloomy and I can't even get to Publix without battling against torrential rains, I'm making an effort to sit next to a window, look out and live. Looking beyond the gloom because this season will pass, it always does.