Every now and then I get the chance to mingle in the men's style scene alongside Lovie and it's always a good time. I'm an introverted writer, so admittedly entering the space is always just a bit gnarly. Nevertheless, I always more than enjoy myself.

The Tampa Suit Supply held a dazzling evening cocktail event.  Suit Supply is one of Lovie's favorite spots and I have grown to love the sister brand Sui Studio for providing the same level of tailored excellence to women's suits in recent months. 

But this night was about, the men. 

And when stepping into a man's style arena, I love to juxtapose the vibe with a look that is undeniably feminine and a bit edgy. While a traditional A-Line dress would be the most traditional route, utilizing two-pieces in a look gives me more room to play around with texture and tone.

This Femme Vibe t-shirt is an obvious ode to Feminine wilds. I rolled up the sleeves to give a more relaxed look on top, as the bottom skirt was truly the piece de resistance. 

The checkered pattern reminded me of a pocket square one would use to adorn his suit jacket. The ruffled detail in the front was perfectly dainty, adding to the feminine essence of the look.

From top to bottom, sans shoes, this look is 100% H&M, discount edition. $50 for the entire ensemble!


Needless to say that amongst the suit-savvy crowd, I stood out as the colorful creative. Goal achieved.

The vibe of the evening was great. The Tampa Suit Supply location is modern and fresh. Bright pops of Yellow, Orange, and Blue played perfectly in the background of the lively event.  And at the end of the night, I'd regained admiration for the fine art of tailoring in menswear.