Proposal Black Love Havana Cuba OOTD Style Fashion Finding Lex

Orlando, Florida 2011 - I can remember walking into the dimly lit concert venue after standing in line wearing what I now know is an unreasonable choice of heel for a 3-hour concert. I was there for the music. I was there for Lauryn Hill and all her musical phenomen-ess.

You see, Lauryn Hill crafted my taste in secular music. With the aide of the Miseducation album, my youth grew into an adulthood in which neo-soul, nappy hair and self-love proclamations became who I was.

Anyway there I was, soaking in the visuals and sounds of my idol performing on stage. And there you were too. Not by coincidence but because we had formerly chosen to enjoy this moment amongst loosely related friends - via Facebook of all places. A simple comment on a post you created led me to the House of Blues that night.

My memory of you that night is sprinkled with sights of you standing tall to my left in a plaid shirt and tie combo that you would die if seen in today. Blue jeans and Sperry's completed the look. And oh were you handsome. Your deep brown skin was illuminated by the lights of the stage. And your smile - my goodness. Your smile and the laughs that came forth were hauntingly magical in ways I still can't describe.

As the night came to a close, we went our separate ways and I thought nothing more of it. Not right away. But there, in the back of my heart, something was nudging. Curious as to the man who's smile lit up a concert hall full of people. 

And in the days that came after we solidified something. A something that would carry us to what I know to be the very definition of true love. 

Havana, Cuba 2017 - I could not have written a more perfect moment in any of my journals. My dreams could not have conjured up a more beautiful scene.

As we walked hand in hand around the heart of Havana we came to La Cathedral, sitting in the middle of a cobblestone square. The cathedral stood elegantly, peaceful above the liveliness of the people below. 

Proposal Black Love Havana Cuba OOTD Style Fashion Finding Lex

It is there that you asked me to be your wife. On one knee you were bent, and on two legs I stood in shock - in tears. 

In that moment there was only us, although surrounded by the best of friends. Only us.

You see, in our 6 years of loving, losing and growing together, you have helped me craft Alexis. With the aide of God and life's grueling lessons, you have challenged me, comforted me, and loved me to this point of absolution. This moment. A culmination of all that we are and all that we will become.

Proposal Black Love Havana Cuba OOTD Style Fashion Finding Lex

It is nothing short of destiny that a shy, smart and creative girl birthed from the roots of Sarasota would come across the life of a charming, technical and ambitious young man of Haitian descent, raised in Pompano Beach. That they would find that their love for Lauryn Hill would bring them to the love of their lives. 

I can take on life with you. I can fight through any struggle with you by my side. We will have it all and give even more together. Love knows no bounds, with us.