5 Ways To Conquer Laziness



Am I the only one who from time to time deals with sudden, copious amount of inactivity also known as laziness? Yep, those moments of can't and won't that keep you from doing - we've all been there. Laziness is an easy thing to fall into when life hands you lemons. 

So here are some tips for turning those lazy lemons, in to sparkling lemonade.



Begin With What You Love

It can be hard to attack your daily tasks and even larger goals when you're feeling overwhelmed So start your day out doing things you love the most. For me, it's a simple as making the bed and blending a green smoothie. For you, it may be taking a walk or listening to your favorite podcast. Beginning your day with the small things you love to do will put you in a great mood and make way for you to be productive throughout the day. 

Break The Dream

Large goals can seem daunting when tackling them without a plan. Make your goals more manageable by breaking them down into small tasks.  Stretch those small tasks over a week's time to complete the tasks in full. Ultimately reaching the goal without stress and mental overload!

Stay Inspired

Start filling up your day with inspirational content! Inspirational audio tracks, music and even Instagram accounts can help you feel ready to take on the world. What you put in is what you get out in terms of positivity! Feed your mind the inspiring things that light a fire of productivity in you.  

Declutter Your Space

Clean your space ma'am! Yes, it's really that simple. Studies have shown that individuals with clean and organized spaces are more likely to be productive and . .  get this -  be more healthy! So not only are you able to tackle your day smarter and harder, you may just look better in those summer jeans too.

Give Thanks

The age old saying that " someone out there is worse off that you are" is difficult to hear in times of ant and need, but it's true. Giving thanks for the things in your life that are going well is a good way to stay humble and keep you going. For all the issues you are experiencing that are contributing to your lazy moments, there are plenty more things in your life to be grateful for. 


Have you been bit by the lazy bug? What things do you do to get yourself back in a productive mood?