#OOTD : Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

Leather Accessories Skirt Top Embroidery Fall

Fall in Florida is always an interesting time of year. While the rest of the nation is squealing with Pumpkin Spice delight, I'm still fighting heat waves upwards of 95 degrees from noon to night. 

Still I anticipate the seasonal transition and what that means for my wardrobe. Fall is the time where I can dust off my leather pieces and begin to don all-black ensembles with no regret.

Also entering the scene with no regret - the shameless amount of thigh being served in this leather skirt from H&M.

 I randomly stumbled upon the blue heels featured here from Zara ( also coincidentally this top - judge me if you will) and knew nothing would give them the stage they needed to shine more than a leather mini skirt. 

The detail of the mini clutch gifted to me by my fabulous mother really is the icing on the cake. This look is the epitome of Crazy. Sexy. Cool.  - The embroidery is crazy, the leather is sexy, the sparkle is cool. I can get with this vibe for Fall.

Leather Accessories Skirt Top Embroidery Fall