#OOTD: Fall Faux Fur & Fluff

Fall Faux Fur Red Hair Finding Lex.JPG

I woke up this morning and felt a cool crisp in the air of my apartment - Strange. I then proceeded to grab my phone, as is tradition, and oh look. It's November.

How is this happening? Someone needs to give me answers.

I wholeheartedly remember going through magazines to build out my vision board for 2017 and while I have accomplished so many of my goals, there are a few I'd still like to get to - but more on that in another post.

What November signifies is the final countdown of the year. I've got 60 days to make this year count, forreal forreal. It also signifies the beginning of what is, for me, the most over-the-top dramatic styling season. Why, you may ask? Because I can finally wear my Faux Furs!

Faux furs and everything fluffy. I'm getting the chills just thinking about it. If it's dramatic and looks like a poodle, I will buy it no questions asked. There's just something about the weight and feel of it all that makes me feel luxurious. In my mind, I channel the iconic Diana Ross in 'Mahogany' as I don my Faux Fur for a Target run. Truly epic, I assure you.

In fact, as I write this post I've got browser tabs open on my favorite online stores stalking their fluffy outerwear offerings because I'm itching for a buy. Lord help me.


This lovely black number is my current fave, copped from H&M for $35 on sale ( Look At Gawd!). Soooo fluffy! So what are you ladies most excited for as the year winds down? I want to know!