3 Stunning Fall Earrings

Fall Statement Earrings Accessories

Up until recently I avoided adorning my ears with anything more than a simple pair of faux diamond studs. For years I avoided the seemingly intricate world of statement earring because I honest didn't know if I could rock them the way they deserved.

It wasn't until I was preparing my looks for trip to Cuba and stumbled upon the most perfect statement earrings in Zara that I decided to let myself fall in love with statement earrings. 

Since then my collection has grown along with my love of the razzle dazzle that steals the show right on my ears. 

Create your best earring looks this Fall by rocking these STUNNING statement earrings. 

The Rustic Chandelier

Fall Statement Earrings Accessories

Chandelier earrings are a classic style statement earring that adds a perfect hint of chic to even the most simple look. Contemporary takes on this style often include rustic metals and non-traditional faux stones like emeralds and rubies. 

This pair, from Baublebar, is absolutely gorgeous! I style these with simple black and white looks, allowing the earrings to shine!

The Layered Tassle

Fall Statement Earrings Accessories

Featuring layers of intricate gold and black fabric tassels,  these beauties are the perfect accent to any evening look. While traditional tassel earring utilize a single tassel as the statement, the layers highlighted in this pair adds a sexy element of surprise.

I styled these with my hair pulled behind my ears and a simple high-intensity glossy look, letting the earrings shine as the star of this look. A Zara find that are my current favorite of the collection.


The Mixed Medium

Fall Statement Earrings Accessories

Move over platinum and gold! There's more to statement earrings besides traditional metals.  These bronze stunners from Zara are the perfect mix of forged metal and fabric frills.

 Edgy and bold, I love styling these Zara earrings with denim and leather looks as as element of surprise.

What earring styles are you ladies loving for fall?! I'd love to know!