#OOTD : Olive Vibes In Havana

Havana Cuba OOTD Style Fashion Finding Lex

I wonder if the people of Cuba feel like they're missing something?

The world is advancing and here the Cuban people are existing in the most simple of livelihoods.

As I sit here in my room sun is slowly falling into the Western Miramar.

Gentle flows of fleeting light are fighting to thrive past the sheer curtains of the window. 

I'm glimpsing onto the rooftops of a home.

Clay shingles overlook the worn Calle on which this home resides.

I'm thinking - How much of life have I missed?

The people here are living. I feel alive amongst them.

Modern conveniences aside, there is a beauty to Havana. She misses nothing. 


Outfit Details:

  • ASOS Olive Green Halter Dress
  • Gold Sandals from Nordstrom Rack
  • Dechoes Resale Sunglasses
  • Forever 21 golf Layered Necklace
  • Black Leather Backpack