#OOTD : White Shirt Remix

White Shirt Button Up Remix Red Lip Gold Earrings Black Blogger Style OOTD

I consider myself to be a crafty girl. I like to paint, cook, put things together - you know, generally a "create the thing" kind of person. As of late, I've been working on becoming consistent in my creativity,  I know crazy! "You can't put creativity on a schedule," they say. But some aspects of creativity are like any other skill, the more you work them the better they become. 

So I've been challenging myself to not only be creative with my personal projects but also in all areas of my life. Repurposing and making things work for me, for where I am today. 

And viola! I submit to you The White Shirt - Remixed! 

White Shirt Button Up Remix Red Lip Gold Earrings Black Blogger Style OOTD

I borrowed a simple cotton button up from my fiance's closet, one I knew he wouldn't mind me twisting up, to make this look. I slipped my left arm out of the sleeve and used that to cinch the waist in with a tie with the right flap of the shirt. Honestly, the most simple thing, but it made such a statement when we headed out, so I'm excited to see what other pieces I can remix in my wardrobe. 

Enhancing the simplicity of the shirt with a leather mini skirt and thigh high boots was fun for me. I live in Florida, so I needed to take these last opportunities to wear these boots, I'm sure you understand!


I have fallen into the dark hole of purchasing trendy looks that only last a season. This year, I am being intentional building a wardrobe of high-quality staples that represent my personal style. 

Are any of you looking forward to being your best creative self in the new year? What are your plans? Let me know!